Friday, June 21, 2013

weekly love 4's friday again and here we go with weekly love during a very hot summer week in Switzerland:
  • vintage items

  • my cat looking like a kitty
  • playing around with a brush in my hand and good sound in my ears
  • learning about this this organisation and especially her last action in Argentina here 
  • after work drink @ city beach in Berne
  • balcony blogging on hot summer nights
  • getting up early to see sunrise @ my most favourite river Aare 

As you see I had some really relaxing moments and a lot of fun this week. AND it was the week before summer holiday.
This time I decided on staying offline for a full week. Can you imagine this? A FULL week without Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, and my beloved blog. Once in a while I need to come back on the things life provides without being online. Living without thinking when and where to share with my online friends. Living without having my iphone ready to shoot a unique moment. Just be. Breathe. Enjoy. Feel. Taste. Love life with all my senses.
I'm a little excited for this is the first time for me to stay offline for a full week since I explored the world of blogging.

And I hope to meet you back for "weekly love" at the 5th of july with twice as much to share.

Have a wonderful time,

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A tribute to summer

Oh yeah, summer is finally here!!!

Just like every year I am surprised how beautiful these long, hot days of a summer in Switzerland are. And I enjoy them to the deepest of my soul with all my senses.

Do you know how charming morninglight could be? This golden glimmer with soft pink sparkles just before sunrise?

And then the sky is turning into a very fair blue when it gets really hot on noon.

On these days there's the delicious taste of still warm fresh mint tea and sweet berries. The pleasure of sitting in a big old trees shadow, feeling a warm breeze on your skin and hearing hundreds of bees and bugs humming in the soft dancing grass.

Can you imagine balancing over wet stones, deeper and deeper into the coolest water of a lake and then feeling like heaven when you dive in with your head first?

Oh and then before day turns into night the smell of fresh cut grass or hay so sweet you think you could never inhale enough? There's the sound of cowbells and the insects are dancing in the last shimmer of sunlight. And then, finally the pink-orange-purple-red sky at sunset. Nights stay warm and you feel hot because you are sundrunken. You fall asleep with a big smile and can't wait for the next day...

Although I love all of our seasons summer is the one that always brings me to my deepest longings and feelings. As it almost hurts physically to have to work inside I spend as much time outside as possible in my free time to feel, taste, hear and smell summer in all its gorgeous facettes.

I wish you a wonderful time and hope you enjoy summer too,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

weekly love

What a lovely morning for weekly love!

Again I am posting out of a hotel room. This time from the coast of Bodensee on the border of beautiful Switzerland to Germany. Today I'll take part in a burnout prevention seminar and am so curious about it's content and the speakers.

I spent as much time outside as possible to enjoy the short swiss-summer during the past week. With "weekly love" in mind I captured loads of lovely and peaceful moments- some with my iphone camera some with my heart only.
It's magic: Being aware of all the love around me every single day seems to double the beautiful moments. So they become more and more.

A part of what I loved this week:

  • This story and it's generous contributors. I am wholeheartedly thankful for these people and their work!

  • Ben&Jerry's Icecream
    (It's not only the most delicous one you could by in retail stores but a very ethical one. Eggs are from outdoor henns and every other ingredient is fairtrade.)

  • Celebrating my brothers birthday in our favourite restaurant with my family. And then my grandfather walking in later for surprise. How I love them all!
  • Pink lady day

  • My sunbathing cat(s)

  • The first blossom on balcony after a cold and long winter

  • This sweet video. Made me think even more about becoming a veggie.

I very much hope you could enjoy many lovely moments too and again am looking forward to see them linked up here!


Friday, June 7, 2013

weekly love- week two

Hello beautiful all and welcome to week two of my link party

I hope you had a funny, sunny week full of lovely moments.

Mine was exciting and a little busy as my biggest project is going into it's final stage and product launch is only 2 weeks away:-) You can be shure to read all the details in a seperate post when things are done..

Today I am posting out of a hotel room in Lugano (located in Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland.)
And for the first time in my life I have my laptop with me in a hotel room and am glad there is wireless..! (This blogging-thing really changed my mind..hihi)

So here are my most loved things of the past week:

The businesscards of my first own business. 
They arrived friday and I loved them from the very first moment. Sometimes I just grab one out of my purse and look at it for a moment. You won't believe it, but I get excited every single time!

Rubber boots 
(here is a post about my love for them)

baby sheep 
They're so awkwardly sweet I could have watched them run'n jump for hours. One came to the fence all the time- thought about taking him straight home ;-) 

My new morning routine
I start with a short stretching on the balcony, then do some dry bodybrushing and meanwhile rinse my mouth with oil (oil pulling). I finish this powerful routine with an affirmation out of my "body & soul affirmation"-booklet.  These short (10min) rituals really make a big difference for my day start and I hope to have the discipline to keep them for more than just a few days (today is an exeption!!). I was enormously inspired by this post on "The box of happiness".

Team meeting in Lugano
The reason I am here for is a meeting with my team (the one from my employer) which is located in different parts of Switzerland. And once in a while we meet at the "home base" of each other. So this time we made a team event out of the normal meeting and it's such great fun it feels more like a weekend trip than a business thing. And last night we had dinner at a little grotto with a stunning view.

THIS very moment. 
Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, starting the day with a review of my most loved things and looking so much forward to your posts.

So now I wish you a beautiful day and a sunny weekend and hope to see your posts here.


Monday, June 3, 2013

rubber boot fun

There are colorful ruber boots.
There are some with flowers, some with style.
And there are the good old dark green ones. And I still LOVE them!

They drop me back in my childhood when rainy days were nothing but fun. When style didn't matter.

Well, I felt like style didn't matter again on sunday. It was an other grey day after many weeks of rainy weather and my beloved river "Aare" (in this post you see her in best shape) was kind of flooded.

So I grabed my iphone, putted on my old rubber boots and had some childish fun.
(jumping into the first puddle was best fun but maybe not such a great idea. My jeans went wet all the way up to my knees..:-))

I almost forgot how pleasant life could be in rubber boots!