Friday, June 21, 2013

weekly love 4's friday again and here we go with weekly love during a very hot summer week in Switzerland:
  • vintage items

  • my cat looking like a kitty
  • playing around with a brush in my hand and good sound in my ears
  • learning about this this organisation and especially her last action in Argentina here 
  • after work drink @ city beach in Berne
  • balcony blogging on hot summer nights
  • getting up early to see sunrise @ my most favourite river Aare 

As you see I had some really relaxing moments and a lot of fun this week. AND it was the week before summer holiday.
This time I decided on staying offline for a full week. Can you imagine this? A FULL week without Facebook, Pinterest, Gmail, and my beloved blog. Once in a while I need to come back on the things life provides without being online. Living without thinking when and where to share with my online friends. Living without having my iphone ready to shoot a unique moment. Just be. Breathe. Enjoy. Feel. Taste. Love life with all my senses.
I'm a little excited for this is the first time for me to stay offline for a full week since I explored the world of blogging.

And I hope to meet you back for "weekly love" at the 5th of july with twice as much to share.

Have a wonderful time,

1 comment:

  1. Love all of your sweet moments and your kitty is so adorable!

    And I really admire you that you take the challenge to stay offline for one week! To be in your real life. LOVE this!

    Wish you a beautiful day and week