Friday, June 7, 2013

weekly love- week two

Hello beautiful all and welcome to week two of my link party

I hope you had a funny, sunny week full of lovely moments.

Mine was exciting and a little busy as my biggest project is going into it's final stage and product launch is only 2 weeks away:-) You can be shure to read all the details in a seperate post when things are done..

Today I am posting out of a hotel room in Lugano (located in Ticino, the italian part of Switzerland.)
And for the first time in my life I have my laptop with me in a hotel room and am glad there is wireless..! (This blogging-thing really changed my mind..hihi)

So here are my most loved things of the past week:

The businesscards of my first own business. 
They arrived friday and I loved them from the very first moment. Sometimes I just grab one out of my purse and look at it for a moment. You won't believe it, but I get excited every single time!

Rubber boots 
(here is a post about my love for them)

baby sheep 
They're so awkwardly sweet I could have watched them run'n jump for hours. One came to the fence all the time- thought about taking him straight home ;-) 

My new morning routine
I start with a short stretching on the balcony, then do some dry bodybrushing and meanwhile rinse my mouth with oil (oil pulling). I finish this powerful routine with an affirmation out of my "body & soul affirmation"-booklet.  These short (10min) rituals really make a big difference for my day start and I hope to have the discipline to keep them for more than just a few days (today is an exeption!!). I was enormously inspired by this post on "The box of happiness".

Team meeting in Lugano
The reason I am here for is a meeting with my team (the one from my employer) which is located in different parts of Switzerland. And once in a while we meet at the "home base" of each other. So this time we made a team event out of the normal meeting and it's such great fun it feels more like a weekend trip than a business thing. And last night we had dinner at a little grotto with a stunning view.

THIS very moment. 
Sitting on the balcony of my hotel room, starting the day with a review of my most loved things and looking so much forward to your posts.

So now I wish you a beautiful day and a sunny weekend and hope to see your posts here.


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