Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dreams on paper

Crazy me. Sometimes I’m kind of afraid of blank pages (online and in paper). It just seems as if they had some anticipations I couldn't achieve with my messy thoughts and crazy ideas.

Of course there are also blank pages that don’t scare me. An email to a close friend or family. A letter to my love. Here talks my heart and the intimacy.

The pages that are really hard to fill are the ones of my (blog)idea-book, my diary, my sketch-book. They seem to long for a creative layout, well sounding sentences and nice looking sketches so much I never dare to even try it. Instead it leads me to many half-filled journals and finally to hundreds of Post-It's allover my closet and mirrors..they hold my thoughts as well and  I can even rearrange them whenever a new one comes in.

But at the same time I never feel as if they were worth some respect or could come true as long as they're not in a journal. 

This is why I subscribed for the « Journal your Life » course of Susannah Conway.

Can't wait to start!! 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Annie Sloan Workshop

Lucky me!

On march 9th I had the chance to attend on one of the popular Annie Sloan Workshops (Annie Sloan Chalk Paint)with the swiss stockist Vikki Sparkes!
Not only is Vikki a hearthwarming and very creative person but also has she the perfect location for these workshops.  Her gorgeous old house is located in Bole and has a huge atélier to work in. We first met for a welcome-tea in her unique kitchen and soon realised that some of the participants spoke french only, others english as well. So the whole day became a funny and entertaining mix of englisch-french.

In the morning we learned all about the different techniques using eighter one ore two colors with clear and dark wax.It’s totally amazing how many effects you can do with just so little effort and material!

We all had to bring a small piece of furniture to the workshop and before lunchtime Vikki gave us the time to choose the color and technique we wanted for it.. it took me a long time to figure out what color my shelf wanted.

Vikki turned to be a fabulous cook and having lunch with these creative ladies was pure pleasure (as well as some networking;-)) Afterwards we began to work on our pieces happily . Since my desired shade didn’t exist I had to mix it – which was such an easy procedure. When you are using Annie Sloan Chalkpaint you don’t need any preparation of your piece and can straight begin with the fun part of painting.

So after a few hours we all were done and very satisfied with the result (The hairdryer helped a lot to speed up the process;-))

Again I’d like to thank Vikki for beeing such a good teacher and offering that much hospitality to the group!

For those of you that don't know  Annie Sloan Chalk Paints and Vikki Sparkes: Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & bateau rouge

Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh happy day!

I don't know about you, but for me today is a very happy day.

guess why?

The ban against animal tested cosmetic was accepted by the EU!
click for more infos 

..i love animals
..i dreamed of the end for animal tested cosmetics
..i acted and signed & shared the petition

That very special day just pushed me into the right mood to write my first blog-post :-)

Happy dreaming,