Monday, June 3, 2013

rubber boot fun

There are colorful ruber boots.
There are some with flowers, some with style.
And there are the good old dark green ones. And I still LOVE them!

They drop me back in my childhood when rainy days were nothing but fun. When style didn't matter.

Well, I felt like style didn't matter again on sunday. It was an other grey day after many weeks of rainy weather and my beloved river "Aare" (in this post you see her in best shape) was kind of flooded.

So I grabed my iphone, putted on my old rubber boots and had some childish fun.
(jumping into the first puddle was best fun but maybe not such a great idea. My jeans went wet all the way up to my knees..:-))

I almost forgot how pleasant life could be in rubber boots!



  1. Oh, rainy switzerland!
    How good you was able to make the best out of it! Sometimes it feels so good to feel like childern again, and don't consider everything before, just doing! Like with the puddles!
    Wish you a beautiful day

  2. It seems you like puddle splashing in rubberboots too ;-)
    I wish you a lot of fun with your wellies!