Friday, October 18, 2013

morning walk

Today I went up early to enjoy morning hours with some coffee and a fabulous book. And as soon as the sun showed her first rays, I was outside...

..and once again nature took my breath away...

Love to you all

PS: I even found a message in a bottle! It sais the reader will have unlimited luck and success and could wish everything he loves charming!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

welcome lovely autumn

My craftiness awakes to it's full potential when autumn begins. It must be the colorful nature and the many cosy hours we begin to spend inside.

So I redecoreted our whole livingroom.

My favourite...
  • color: gold
  • techniques: potato stamping (saw the idea here) and acrylic painting
  • subject: feathers

Tomorrow I'll get myself inspired by nature...

Wish you an inspiring fall as well!


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back with a broken heart

I didn't plan to do so, but today I am back after a good, long blogging-break. I needed to take one step back to find back to who I really am an what I really want in life and with my blog. It has been an interesting time with lot's of "aha's" and some live changing insights.

And one of them broke my heart. And it will again in the future: My wish to protect and help animals. Because I love them from the deepest of my heart and with all my soul.

You wonder why this insight broke my heart?
Because it means responsability. Not to look away again. And with the responsability not to shut my eyes from all the cruelty, the pain will come. And this insight also means failure for I could never change it all into the good.

At the time there is one special thing I can't look away from: The extermination campaign for street dogs in Romania after a unattended boy was killed by 2 of these dogs. The new law was voted yesterday and this means, all the strays, if they are not adopted will be killed in 14 days. And lot's of them are already tortured on the streets now. Romania went crazy.

..and my heart breaks a little every time I think about it. Of course I already donated. I signed every petition against this cruel law. And I shared the story a hundred times. I think of becoming a godparent for one of these poor dogs. But there is failure already: I will never ever be able to rescue every single of these innocent dogs.

So here I am with a broken heart.

But also with a lot of hope and power (pain always gave me power) to do small changes in small steps. For the moment posting this is my next little step. Maybe one of you out there will pray for these dogs or even read and share the storyabout their situation.

A lot of Love for the world

Friday, August 9, 2013

I need a break

Good Morning

I haven't been here for more than 2 weeks now. There is so much going on in my life. Small changes and big thoghts. Writing is still one of my favourite thing to do but at the moment more in private.

I need a break from being "public". Until my thoughts, ideas and visions are settled. Until writing flows in this space again without too much thinking whether to share something or not.
This might be tomorrow. Or next week. Or next month.

Meanwhile I wish you a lovely time with lots of small daily adventures and wonders.


Friday, July 19, 2013

weekly love

hey hey my dear weekly lovers

This week was full of outdoor-time (and there is some more to come at the weekend!). For the first time ever I didn't shoot at all. Neither with my phone nor with my DSLR. So you'll need all your fantasy to imagine my weekly-love-moments :-) new bike. Switzerland has an amazing amount of beautiful bike-paths. When I step outside my flat I don't even need 2 minutes to get to one of these paths.

...taking a bath in the Aare after a heavy day. The water is very cold but there is nothing more refreshing than a quick jump into the river and letting the sun dry me after.

...picknick on the border of a lake. THIS means luxury to me- sitting outside, watching the soft waves move, the smell of warm grass and the taste of black olives. Ways better than dinner in a deluxe restaurant!

... dreaming of my dream-house. I love to add new ideas to my Pinterest-Boards.

...spending time with my girlfriends. I love them- each one for different things. hedgehog. Did you know how super cute they are? I almost couldn't believe it myself as I saw him wednesday night in front our house.

...stumble upon easy tutorials to sew baby-clothes (thankfully one of my girlfriends is pregnant:-)) But YES, there are many other creative projects going on..let's see if I manage at least ONE pair of baby-pants...

I wish you a very inspired weekend and am pretty curios about your own grateful moments!
As usual you could share them here.


Friday, July 12, 2013

weekly love

Hello weekly lovers

I hope you had a great week full of joyful moments.

Mine was a bit strange as there seems to be something going on inside me I can't describe. All I know is that it makes me looking at things in way that is very different from the one I used to look at things in the past few years. And that it makes me far more sensitive (as if I havent been sensitive enough yet!).
As there has not been any particular event to generate this change I am a bit confused...and wonder what strange idea or opinion may apear next.

But nevertheless I had moments full of love...

... reading this article about finding happyness. It's so heart touching and opened my eyes for the simple moments again.

... shadows again. They are always there and sometimes give funny reflections of what we call reality.

...grillparty with my family on a normal Tuesday. I love the easy and funny conversations, the moments full of trust and intimacy. I love my mom laughing tears with me, my strong brother being so soft with our cats. And I love how perfect my Love fits in our family.

... a spontanous, never expected gift from my soulmate. It is one of the most inspiring books I ever owned and I never read too many pages at once to keep some stories for next week and the week after. It is a German one with the title "Kreative Leidenschaft" ("creative passion").

 ... playing around with my nephew on the farm. I love the smell of hay and cows, the sound of cow bells, the soft evening light and having 6 cats around.

... leaving my comfort zone. I love the feeling of relief when you realise that you are save and nothing is going to happen after you dared to step out. And the immediate growing of your horizon with each further step.

... insalate tricolore. I love the mix of the colors and the taste of tomato, mozarella and avocado. It's easy, healty and Yummy:-)

Please let us see your own weekly love moments and share them here.

Personaly I hope to get a bit of relaxation at the coming weekend and not having too many strange thoughts.

I wish you a thousands loving moments to save in your heart and a lot of sunshine for the weekend.


Saturday, July 6, 2013

leaving my comfort zone

I am a fast learner and am not used to need a lot of practise until I manage new things. During all my basic and higher education I was lucky to achieve good results with being a minimalist. And it was the same with all my jobs.  As long as tasks remain in the economical field. There is my comfort zone.

But with learning about my creative side it seems there are moments to come in which I'll need to leave my comfort zone. 

Today I wanted to take some time to (FINALLY) continue with the second homework for the Interior Design School I started at the beginning of this year.

The task sounds easy: Sketch two pieces of furniture who have the same purpose but were made in different time decades.
I always loved drawing and have been pretty good as a child. So I made a quick start..a line here, another there. Until I had to admit I didn't remember how to correctly draw the perspective. That all I've been drawing up to this point was bullshit.
And there I wanted to give up. I frowned and was pretty angry with myself for not being capable to get it done quickly.

Then my love asked if I practised sketching daily in the past or whether this was the first drawing after years. This made me realise that I'd need to leave my comfort zone. Stepping out of the circle of things I am used to do and begin new habits. Taking my time and allow myself some failing. Refreshing drawing techniques and start to practise. And being patient with myself (I am really not good with this one!).

And I remembered the following quote:

So I took a deep breath, opened the chapter for drawing techniques and made a new start. Yeah and here I go:

Wish you all a happy weekend and don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone: It doesn't hurt. It's just unusual. New. Exciting. Enjoy it!