Thursday, June 13, 2013

weekly love

What a lovely morning for weekly love!

Again I am posting out of a hotel room. This time from the coast of Bodensee on the border of beautiful Switzerland to Germany. Today I'll take part in a burnout prevention seminar and am so curious about it's content and the speakers.

I spent as much time outside as possible to enjoy the short swiss-summer during the past week. With "weekly love" in mind I captured loads of lovely and peaceful moments- some with my iphone camera some with my heart only.
It's magic: Being aware of all the love around me every single day seems to double the beautiful moments. So they become more and more.

A part of what I loved this week:

  • This story and it's generous contributors. I am wholeheartedly thankful for these people and their work!

  • Ben&Jerry's Icecream
    (It's not only the most delicous one you could by in retail stores but a very ethical one. Eggs are from outdoor henns and every other ingredient is fairtrade.)

  • Celebrating my brothers birthday in our favourite restaurant with my family. And then my grandfather walking in later for surprise. How I love them all!
  • Pink lady day

  • My sunbathing cat(s)

  • The first blossom on balcony after a cold and long winter

  • This sweet video. Made me think even more about becoming a veggie.

I very much hope you could enjoy many lovely moments too and again am looking forward to see them linked up here!



  1. Beautiful little moments you surround yourself with.

    You are at the place I grew up and my parents are living, wish you lots of sunshine and a very good time.

    With love

  2. Lovely little moments! I really like your photos!

    Much love,