Friday, May 31, 2013

weekly love - week one

What a gray, cold and wet day here in Switzerland- but I love it!
It is the first day of my "weekly love"-project.

And here is what I loved most during the past week:

Fondue on the balcony on a cold and rainy spring evening. Wrapped in warm blankets.

Coffee to go on the way to work

Cinema with mom (on another cold and rainy spring night)

A full hour of sun on our balcony (no this is NOT a cat on the table!)

Counting raindrops 

Summer on the cover of my iphone

I am very excited to see what you loved! Please share it on my weekly love site

Have fun and open your eyes for all the beauty in your life!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Start of the "weekly love" link party

Do you know the spontanous moments when your smile explodes on your face? The ones you’d love to dance right where you are? When your heart jumps quickly and you feel butterflyes inside?

This phenomenon is called LOVE.

And you could feel it for the simplest things. Every day. You only need to open your heart, your eyes and your mind. 

I do and I’m going to share these moments of love with you here every Friday.

Maybe you do too or would love to? Then I’d be incredibly happy if you shared these moments with me and my reader here at the « weekly love » link party.
Let’s spread love and inspire others to fall in love with the simplest moments to!

Here is how it works and what it is all about:

The purpose of weekly love spread love by sharing love-filled moments be (or become!) aware of all the love your life provides if only you open your heart and eyes for it be connected with lovely people all around this beautiful planet have fun capturing "normal" moments and feel love for them

Moments to be shared 
The ones that made your heart sing during the past week, one per day. So for you this may be moments you are most grateful for. Or that made you smile. Or dance. Or whatever. You could use words, pictures, lists, photos, phoems..whatever works best for you.

Let's go:
1.    Capture/ remember moments of love during your week
2.    Write a post about them
3.    Link to my blog by adding the link at the bottom your post
4.    Visit my blog and link up your post on the weekly love site like this:
5.    Visit the posts of other linked blogs and leave some lovely comments
6.    Feel the love and have fun

Linking starts every Friday at 8 a.m.UTC/GMT and will be open until 8 a.m. UTC /GMT at the following Saturday (to make shure you could link on Friday all over the world)

Hope to see you here tomorrow!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Falling in love

I can't stop myself from falling in love with things/animals/people/moments/etc. constantly.

It often happens several times a day. When I wake up with the birds song. And when I then kiss the warm, fury belly of my cats goodbye before leaving for work. It happens on my way to work when I see deer in front of the forest and the wind blows some leaves. At lunchtime when I see someone who helps an old lady crossing the street...

I only realised this when I started a gratitude list due to an exercise in the e-course "Journal Your Life" several weeks ago. This exercise made me aware of how much love I could feel if only I opened my heart and my eyes. Day by day. 

So you could call it gratitude. Or happy/ lovely / sweet moments. Or whatever. 

But to me it's bits of pure love. All these situations speed up my heartbeat. They make me smile and feel comfortable in whichever mess I am. They give me power and let me feel alive. And they provide my soul with hope for a better world. 

Just like falling in love does.

So here are some of the things I fell in love with this week:

My cats

Bright colors

Local products

Planning a long journey

Selfmade seasonal dessert

Fresh flowers

Body & Soul- Affirmations

I'd love to hear if YOU ever feel like falling in love. Or if you could imagine to start falling in love when you open your heart and your eyes.

Wish you lot's of lovely moments,

Monday, May 20, 2013

On a soulful walk

There are incredibly good days. And there are days when you feel down, stressed and confused- even if there is actually NO reason.

On these days I prefer being on my own and going out for a "soulful" walk. With me in my bag: My camera and my beloved journal.

Sitting on a rock near the water I let nature slow me down until I feel calm rising in my soul. It helps to focus on the very moment by looking through the cameralens and capture what is around me.

When I feel steady enough I begin to write. And I continue until there are no more heavy thoughts, no more questions, no more doubts.

On my way home I continue to focusing on whatever is around (and beneath) me.

I had one of these days at the weekend..and here is what I focused on:

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream home-office

Recently I realised that I was the type that needed different working spaces for different purposes.
I tried studying at the same desk I do all my crafts as well as the "office-part" (e.g. pay bills, organize receips...) and it didn't work well for me. 

As you can see at the picture below my crafting-desk is a beauty. But it doesn't provide the space and the profesionality I need when I work on my projects or study.

So I decided to get my self my "dream home-office"...

..and here it is:

I got a lot of inspiration on Pinterest (see my board "creative work spaces") as well as by a post on Annemarie's blog

I love the bright colors and the large desktop- and most of all I love the retro phone.

What about your home-offices? Do you also have different spaces for different projects?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

English Love

Well, after these 6 weeks of Susannah Connways "Journal your Life" E-Course and the nearly daily interaction with my wonderful and inspiring classmates I feel even more familiar with English.

I absolutely LOVE this language!!

It may sound strange but it almost feels as if it was my second mothertongue. Yes, of course it's not perfect. But it feels so ME. So inspiring. So creative. So home!

And oh, did I mention that I do my daily journal writing in Engish too? I just switch into journaling mode and there it goes..I never need to seek after the right words. They come so fast i can hardly bring them to paper in the right order. As if there was a source inside me that guides me.

So I just decided to continue my blogposts in English only.

Hope you enjoy it:-)