Friday, July 12, 2013

weekly love

Hello weekly lovers

I hope you had a great week full of joyful moments.

Mine was a bit strange as there seems to be something going on inside me I can't describe. All I know is that it makes me looking at things in way that is very different from the one I used to look at things in the past few years. And that it makes me far more sensitive (as if I havent been sensitive enough yet!).
As there has not been any particular event to generate this change I am a bit confused...and wonder what strange idea or opinion may apear next.

But nevertheless I had moments full of love...

... reading this article about finding happyness. It's so heart touching and opened my eyes for the simple moments again.

... shadows again. They are always there and sometimes give funny reflections of what we call reality.

...grillparty with my family on a normal Tuesday. I love the easy and funny conversations, the moments full of trust and intimacy. I love my mom laughing tears with me, my strong brother being so soft with our cats. And I love how perfect my Love fits in our family.

... a spontanous, never expected gift from my soulmate. It is one of the most inspiring books I ever owned and I never read too many pages at once to keep some stories for next week and the week after. It is a German one with the title "Kreative Leidenschaft" ("creative passion").

 ... playing around with my nephew on the farm. I love the smell of hay and cows, the sound of cow bells, the soft evening light and having 6 cats around.

... leaving my comfort zone. I love the feeling of relief when you realise that you are save and nothing is going to happen after you dared to step out. And the immediate growing of your horizon with each further step.

... insalate tricolore. I love the mix of the colors and the taste of tomato, mozarella and avocado. It's easy, healty and Yummy:-)

Please let us see your own weekly love moments and share them here.

Personaly I hope to get a bit of relaxation at the coming weekend and not having too many strange thoughts.

I wish you a thousands loving moments to save in your heart and a lot of sunshine for the weekend.


1 comment:

  1. Love all of your beautiful moments!

    The book seems to be beautiful, I will put it on my wishlist...

    Wish you a beautiful weekend