Saturday, July 6, 2013

leaving my comfort zone

I am a fast learner and am not used to need a lot of practise until I manage new things. During all my basic and higher education I was lucky to achieve good results with being a minimalist. And it was the same with all my jobs.  As long as tasks remain in the economical field. There is my comfort zone.

But with learning about my creative side it seems there are moments to come in which I'll need to leave my comfort zone. 

Today I wanted to take some time to (FINALLY) continue with the second homework for the Interior Design School I started at the beginning of this year.

The task sounds easy: Sketch two pieces of furniture who have the same purpose but were made in different time decades.
I always loved drawing and have been pretty good as a child. So I made a quick start..a line here, another there. Until I had to admit I didn't remember how to correctly draw the perspective. That all I've been drawing up to this point was bullshit.
And there I wanted to give up. I frowned and was pretty angry with myself for not being capable to get it done quickly.

Then my love asked if I practised sketching daily in the past or whether this was the first drawing after years. This made me realise that I'd need to leave my comfort zone. Stepping out of the circle of things I am used to do and begin new habits. Taking my time and allow myself some failing. Refreshing drawing techniques and start to practise. And being patient with myself (I am really not good with this one!).

And I remembered the following quote:

So I took a deep breath, opened the chapter for drawing techniques and made a new start. Yeah and here I go:

Wish you all a happy weekend and don't be afraid to leave your comfort zone: It doesn't hurt. It's just unusual. New. Exciting. Enjoy it!



  1. Great reminder Jane, thanks.

  2. Very nice! Leaving my comfort zone is something I'm doing as well right now. It's so freeing and scary at the same time.