Friday, July 19, 2013

weekly love

hey hey my dear weekly lovers

This week was full of outdoor-time (and there is some more to come at the weekend!). For the first time ever I didn't shoot at all. Neither with my phone nor with my DSLR. So you'll need all your fantasy to imagine my weekly-love-moments :-) new bike. Switzerland has an amazing amount of beautiful bike-paths. When I step outside my flat I don't even need 2 minutes to get to one of these paths.

...taking a bath in the Aare after a heavy day. The water is very cold but there is nothing more refreshing than a quick jump into the river and letting the sun dry me after.

...picknick on the border of a lake. THIS means luxury to me- sitting outside, watching the soft waves move, the smell of warm grass and the taste of black olives. Ways better than dinner in a deluxe restaurant!

... dreaming of my dream-house. I love to add new ideas to my Pinterest-Boards.

...spending time with my girlfriends. I love them- each one for different things. hedgehog. Did you know how super cute they are? I almost couldn't believe it myself as I saw him wednesday night in front our house.

...stumble upon easy tutorials to sew baby-clothes (thankfully one of my girlfriends is pregnant:-)) But YES, there are many other creative projects going on..let's see if I manage at least ONE pair of baby-pants...

I wish you a very inspired weekend and am pretty curios about your own grateful moments!
As usual you could share them here.


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