Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back with a broken heart

I didn't plan to do so, but today I am back after a good, long blogging-break. I needed to take one step back to find back to who I really am an what I really want in life and with my blog. It has been an interesting time with lot's of "aha's" and some live changing insights.

And one of them broke my heart. And it will again in the future: My wish to protect and help animals. Because I love them from the deepest of my heart and with all my soul.

You wonder why this insight broke my heart?
Because it means responsability. Not to look away again. And with the responsability not to shut my eyes from all the cruelty, the pain will come. And this insight also means failure for I could never change it all into the good.

At the time there is one special thing I can't look away from: The extermination campaign for street dogs in Romania after a unattended boy was killed by 2 of these dogs. The new law was voted yesterday and this means, all the strays, if they are not adopted will be killed in 14 days. And lot's of them are already tortured on the streets now. Romania went crazy.

..and my heart breaks a little every time I think about it. Of course I already donated. I signed every petition against this cruel law. And I shared the story a hundred times. I think of becoming a godparent for one of these poor dogs. But there is failure already: I will never ever be able to rescue every single of these innocent dogs.

So here I am with a broken heart.

But also with a lot of hope and power (pain always gave me power) to do small changes in small steps. For the moment posting this is my next little step. Maybe one of you out there will pray for these dogs or even read and share the storyabout their situation.

A lot of Love for the world

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