Friday, July 5, 2013

weekly love

Here I am again after one week of relaxing holiday in Mallorca. I haven't been online during the whole week and what should I say? I'm still alive;-)

And along with this fact comes my weekly love moment NO1: Enjoying life offline. REAL life. Every moment of a day on which I woke up by the sun, had a short walk on the beach before breakfast and then letting the day bring whatever was to come. Being able to hug my love whenever I longed for it as we spent wonderful 7x24 hours with each other. Only the two of us. No mail, no FB, no Pinterest. So this week of holiday was full of lovely moments.

After this I loved
.. coming HOME. Having my brother cooking for us to welcome us back. Spending the night in MY bed. Having my cats around again.

...spontaunous lunch with my soulmate

... going to bed early on a rainy summer evening. How cosy to listen to the warm rain and reading a soulful book ( Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman)

...exploring little wonders of our beautiful nature

... shadows. The way they always seem to know how to fall has something misterious to me. As if they knew more about reality than I do. new and most beautiful summer fingerring

This week it really took some effort to remember the lovely moments and I am grateful for the weekly love project myself. Back home after holiday always means a lot of housekeeping and moreover my chief has gone to holiday and I had to manage the whole work on my own.

I wonder how your week was? Do you enjoy summer? Had some lovely moments too? Please share them here to inspire others.

Happy loving


  1. Beautiful! Time without a computer and internet is so important and often precious!
    When we move next month to switzerland, we will also be for some time without internet and I will enjoy it, instead of beeing stressed about it.
    Love this sentence about the shadows.

    This little things and beeing aware of them in our life, are making just the difference in how we feel.

    Wish you lots of love

  2. Welcome Back Jane! Glad you were able to have some time away and that it was so nourishing, yeah!
    Love the shot of the apple & the seed pattern.