Friday, May 31, 2013

weekly love - week one

What a gray, cold and wet day here in Switzerland- but I love it!
It is the first day of my "weekly love"-project.

And here is what I loved most during the past week:

Fondue on the balcony on a cold and rainy spring evening. Wrapped in warm blankets.

Coffee to go on the way to work

Cinema with mom (on another cold and rainy spring night)

A full hour of sun on our balcony (no this is NOT a cat on the table!)

Counting raindrops 

Summer on the cover of my iphone

I am very excited to see what you loved! Please share it on my weekly love site

Have fun and open your eyes for all the beauty in your life!


  1. Love all of them!
    Now I want to eat some fondue on the balcony wrapped in a blanket. Mjam.

    Wish you a beautiful day and send you a little sunshine along the way.

    1. hihihi..Eos, you make me laugh hard! your "mjam" is so sweet:-)
      I hope you have a good cheese dairy near by!

      Thank you for the little sunshine- it makes my heart shine bright!

      Have a love filled day and enjoy the weekend!