Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A tribute to summer

Oh yeah, summer is finally here!!!

Just like every year I am surprised how beautiful these long, hot days of a summer in Switzerland are. And I enjoy them to the deepest of my soul with all my senses.

Do you know how charming morninglight could be? This golden glimmer with soft pink sparkles just before sunrise?

And then the sky is turning into a very fair blue when it gets really hot on noon.

On these days there's the delicious taste of still warm fresh mint tea and sweet berries. The pleasure of sitting in a big old trees shadow, feeling a warm breeze on your skin and hearing hundreds of bees and bugs humming in the soft dancing grass.

Can you imagine balancing over wet stones, deeper and deeper into the coolest water of a lake and then feeling like heaven when you dive in with your head first?

Oh and then before day turns into night the smell of fresh cut grass or hay so sweet you think you could never inhale enough? There's the sound of cowbells and the insects are dancing in the last shimmer of sunlight. And then, finally the pink-orange-purple-red sky at sunset. Nights stay warm and you feel hot because you are sundrunken. You fall asleep with a big smile and can't wait for the next day...

Although I love all of our seasons summer is the one that always brings me to my deepest longings and feelings. As it almost hurts physically to have to work inside I spend as much time outside as possible in my free time to feel, taste, hear and smell summer in all its gorgeous facettes.

I wish you a wonderful time and hope you enjoy summer too,


  1. Such a beautiful post. Thank you ever so for sharing and inspiring me to indulge in the delectable nature of summer even more.

  2. thanks for taking me along on your summer day

  3. I love summer!

    Your description about summer takes out the remembering about the summer in my homecountry. Here in italy it is much hotter and the air is shimmering all day long. The summer is also in Switzerland, thank you for making it more easy to me to move back.

    Wish you a beautiful day