Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dream home-office

Recently I realised that I was the type that needed different working spaces for different purposes.
I tried studying at the same desk I do all my crafts as well as the "office-part" (e.g. pay bills, organize receips...) and it didn't work well for me. 

As you can see at the picture below my crafting-desk is a beauty. But it doesn't provide the space and the profesionality I need when I work on my projects or study.

So I decided to get my self my "dream home-office"...

..and here it is:

I got a lot of inspiration on Pinterest (see my board "creative work spaces") as well as by a post on Annemarie's blog

I love the bright colors and the large desktop- and most of all I love the retro phone.

What about your home-offices? Do you also have different spaces for different projects?


  1. Janine, I love your office. The colors and so light and beautiful. I bet you will be very productive there. Peace, Vicki (Farmgirls rule on FB in the Journal your life course)

    1. Hi Vicki
      Nice to hear from you!!Thank you for your words- I've been productive in deed:-)

  2. I absolutely love that phone and the whole set up of your workspace is beautiful. Clean and elegant.
    I agree that it is hard to find the perfect space that fits all purposes. I also use my office to meet with clients which means that I have to hold back from making too much creative mess. More and more I have been dreaming about having a separate space that is just for doing my projects and writing. This post made me feel inspired.

    1. Hi Juliette
      Thank you! I'm happy to have inspired you!
      I hope you take your time to plan your separate writing area? Sometimes it doesn't need a whole room but only a bit of creativity in organazing it;-) Pinterest offers a lot of ideas for "room in room"-concepts! Good luck!!!