Sunday, May 26, 2013

Falling in love

I can't stop myself from falling in love with things/animals/people/moments/etc. constantly.

It often happens several times a day. When I wake up with the birds song. And when I then kiss the warm, fury belly of my cats goodbye before leaving for work. It happens on my way to work when I see deer in front of the forest and the wind blows some leaves. At lunchtime when I see someone who helps an old lady crossing the street...

I only realised this when I started a gratitude list due to an exercise in the e-course "Journal Your Life" several weeks ago. This exercise made me aware of how much love I could feel if only I opened my heart and my eyes. Day by day. 

So you could call it gratitude. Or happy/ lovely / sweet moments. Or whatever. 

But to me it's bits of pure love. All these situations speed up my heartbeat. They make me smile and feel comfortable in whichever mess I am. They give me power and let me feel alive. And they provide my soul with hope for a better world. 

Just like falling in love does.

So here are some of the things I fell in love with this week:

My cats

Bright colors

Local products

Planning a long journey

Selfmade seasonal dessert

Fresh flowers

Body & Soul- Affirmations

I'd love to hear if YOU ever feel like falling in love. Or if you could imagine to start falling in love when you open your heart and your eyes.

Wish you lot's of lovely moments,


  1. I'm falling in love too....

    Mir wird gerade bewusst, wie dankbar ich für all die schönen Dinge im Leben bin. Ich schaue gerade aus dem Fenster und sehe die wunderschön grüne Natur, den blauen Himmel und die weissen Berge. Ein Meisterwerk!

    1. Es tut gut, sich zwischendurch bewusst zu werden, wie reichhaltig das Leben doch ist! Schön, dass du so dankbar sein kannst! Mach weiter so!

  2. Great photos. So many passions enter my life and some stay and some leave, but it is all about enjoying them while they are there.

    1. Hi Sarah!
      Thank you!
      You're right-passions may change. But when we enjoy them in the very moment, they stay for ever in our memory!

  3. Beautiful little things.
    The power of this moments of beauty is so incredible.
    I used to write down every evening three little things I loved that day. It improved my life and the way I looked at things so much. During the day I was already aware to create special moments, to sit down and take time to hear the singing of the birds. To pick some flowers of the way home and cooking and preaparing good meals we enjoy.
    Writing this little things down in the evening made everyday special and feel like it was a beautiful one, looking back at the day I focused on the good things of life and fall asleep with them in mind, carry this feeling from day to day.
    I should start over again!
    Wish you a beautiful day

    1. Hello Eos
      Thank you for your inspiring words. That's it: When we make kind of a ritual out of enjoying "normal" moments they become very powerful and special. Would be a nice thing to try with children, wouldn't it?
      I hope you find your time to start over with it or join my "weekly love"-link party!
      Wish you lot's of beautiful momets

    2. Hello lovely Jane
      Children do it a little without even thinking. They really go into the nice moments and stay there. Not like us while enjoying a nice meal and some sun on the balcony already thinking that afterwards we should wash the dishes or distract from the plants that would need new pots. =) We can learn a lot from them.
      My nine year old daugther has her own journal and writes down a lot of times before going to sleep, her three things that made her happy this day. I love when she let me peek inside it. Straight from the heart.
      A happy day and some sunshine for you

  4. I fall in love with my children more and more each day.
    I also love my horse Dan, more each time I see him, he has started to trust me completely and that makes me too feel loved back!

    1. My heart jups when I read about all the growing love you explore day by day! Enjoy it!