Sunday, May 5, 2013

English Love

Well, after these 6 weeks of Susannah Connways "Journal your Life" E-Course and the nearly daily interaction with my wonderful and inspiring classmates I feel even more familiar with English.

I absolutely LOVE this language!!

It may sound strange but it almost feels as if it was my second mothertongue. Yes, of course it's not perfect. But it feels so ME. So inspiring. So creative. So home!

And oh, did I mention that I do my daily journal writing in Engish too? I just switch into journaling mode and there it goes..I never need to seek after the right words. They come so fast i can hardly bring them to paper in the right order. As if there was a source inside me that guides me.

So I just decided to continue my blogposts in English only.

Hope you enjoy it:-)



  1. I can relate Jane :)
    Your blog really looks fantastic: its banner, its background, your photography ... Keep up the good work: I just added you to my favourites!
    Hug from Belgium

  2. Hi cococita!
    You can't imagine how big my smile was when I first red your comment! It is a big thing for me to be on someones favourites:-)
    Thank you so much!
    Hope you love the following posts and am looking forward to seeing you again!